Monday, November 5, 2012

River Vista Adventure Continues

It has been a while since we posted anything so there is a lot to cover.  We have been busy keeping the park and the cabins clean for the guests, but it has not all been work and no play.  We have met some wonderful people and have made many new friends.  So bear with me as I cover the last  4 months.

We have had a couple of visits from family and friends.  The first was Sherree's cousin Paula Knofla.  She and Sherree have been close since they were young girls, but family, children, and marriage have worked to keep them apart.  The unfortunate death of Paula's Mom led to the latest reunion.  Paula's mom lived in Atlanta which is close to River Vista so Paula used the occasion to come visit us for a day after her mother's memorial.  We all had a great visit.

Our friends from Atlanta, Paul and Nita Crowder came up for a couple of days.  We took the opportunity to hike the Whiteside  Mountain Trail.  It was a little challenging but the breath taking vistas were worth the effort.  We also did a little goofing off as you can see.

Sherree is not a fan of heights!

We have also made a couple of trips with Tonya and our four grandchildren.  One was to Stepps Orchard to pick some apples and enjoy a picnic.
This girls like to ride.

They also enjoyed picking apples for the first time.

There was a corn maze and a pea patch maze.  Talk about fun!

 The other was to Latta Plantation for a trip into the past to see how people lived and survived during the period. We learned a lot about medicine and a lot about how little the medical profession itself knew about what caused illness and how to cure those illnesses.  If your family had to call the Dr. it meant it was  the last resort.  Most of the time if one called in a Dr., death was the probable outcome.  People were dressed in period costumes and acted the part and provided information about the people they portrayed.
Above left is Dalila and Erin thought she was great (top right).  Confederate soldiers living in the field, and ladies helping Tonya and Ella make Rosemary bracelets to ward off insects.  

Sherree has a half sister, Dorthy, from whom she was separated from very soon after birth.  They have the same father but different mothers.  Sherree's mom died shortly after Sherree was born and subsequently her and Dorthy went their separate ways.  They were finally reunited about 10 years ago after being separated for over 50 years.  Dorthy and her husband Reggie came to River Vista for a visit and we had a wonderful time.  We look forward to making a visit to their Florida home sometime in the future.  

Sisters always

Dorthy & Reggie.  A wonderful couple
Thanksgiving and Christmas are rapidly approaching and we are trying to get ready.  We also are starting to think about our plans for 2013.  Of course we will be back in the DFW area in January and possibly February for Dr.'s appointments and will head to Lubbock to spend some time with our daughter, Wendy, and her family.  After that is really up in the air. 

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